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Shortcut Gamer (or ShortCut Gamer) aka SCG is in the process of expanding. Every day we are growing more and more, gaining more followers and views and reaching further into the far corners of the Internet to gain as many fans as possible.

SCG is moving beyond the scope of a gaming website and evolving into a resource for video game enthusiasts. You can be a part of this phenomenon!

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Click here to email us if you’re interested in advertising. Your ad will be featured in a box on the side of our site (see our poll and social media links for an example of approximate sizing and placement) with a link that will open in a new window and take viewers to your website or web page location.

Note: All advertising graphics must be provided by the advertiser and must fit specific size requirements (will be given upon request). Shortcut Gamer reserves the right to refuse and/or remove any ads that it deems irrelevant to our user base or inappropriate in nature. No refunds.

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